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I spent the evening come up with Cam/John recs for various people, and then it occurred to me that I could spread out the workload with a new rec post! Plus it's been a while since we last had one of these, and a lot of new fic has come out in that time, including the most recent round of the Thing-a-Thon over at [ profile] sg_flyboys.

This is pretty informal - if you're looking for something (say, NC-17 or first times or John's POV), leave a comment on this post describing what you want, and maybe someone will will come along and rec something. If you see a request and have a rec, share it! Even if someone else has gotten there first. The more recs, the merrier. (Hopefully people will keep checking back here for a few days so that everyone's requests get fulfilled.)

I'll start us off with a couple of threads:

Favourite fics posted in the past year
All-time favourites

Also, for the record, everyone is welcome to post a Cam/John fic search in this community anytime.

Re: Recent Fic

Date: 2012-01-22 04:33 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] colls
The last thing-a-thon round was fantastic (as usual). Hard to choose favorites, but here are three I'd recommend:

The Johnny Cash Variations by [ profile] tesserae_
Summary: Vegas!John and Vegas!Cam. Cam is a sheriff (Vala makes a cameo as a deputy) who has a chance encounter in Vegas. True to events of SGA ep 5x21
Reccer's Note: I'm likely a bit biased since this was written for my prompt, but it's still a lovely story and full of angst and beautiful imagery.

Paper Unicorns by [personal profile] bluflamingo
Summary: John tells himself, they'll come for us because the only other option is knowing that Cam can't take this much longer.
Reccer's Note:This is gorgeously written. I really like how you slipped in the AU and didn't make it the focus of the story. The desolation and their despair were so poignant, and ending on a note of hope like that was so uplifting.

Boys Will Be Boys by [ profile] mific
Summary: In which John and Cam are bored and horny, Landry's got a headache, and Vala's got a zat.
Reccer's Note: Cam and John are both de-aged to teenagers - physically, mentally and hormonally. And they're bored. This story is both silly and steamy.


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