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Name:The John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell Community
Website:John/Cam Crossroads Fic Index
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell (SG1/SGA) 'Shipper Community
Welcome to the community for all things John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell! This is the place for John/Cam fic, art, icons, vids, recommendations, requests for recommendations, links to relevant challenges, and discussion. All members are welcome to post!


1. All things related to Cam/John are welcome.

2. If you're posting fic, please use a header and put the actual fic under a cut if it's more than a couple of hundred words. If you're posting art, please put it under a cut if it's NSFW or larger than 400x400px.

3. Members are encouraged to tag their own posts. Author/creator tags will be created as needed by the mods. You can use the tag!please tag if you don't have a creator tag already.


New to Cam/John? Take a look at the [ profile] sga_guide page over here.

Looking for John/Cam fic? Try the John/Cam Thematic Index maintained by [personal profile] gaffsie at Crossroads for a very complete list. (If you want to see every story at once, go here.)

You can also try [ profile] sga_newsletter's Sheppard/Mitchell Delicious tag.

If you're looking for fic recs instead of every fic out there, take a look at our rec posts or check out past John/Cam recs at [ profile] stargateficrec. And of course, you're welcome to ask for new recs in this comm as well.

Credits & Community Notes

The layout is a modified version of Wildflowers created by [personal profile] revolutions. The header was created by the very talented [personal profile] colls.

This is the Dreamwidth equivalent of [ profile] sg_flyboys on LiveJournal, created with permission from [ profile] raisintorte. Since [ profile] raisintorte was the originator of the John/Cam Thing-a-Thon, that will remain solely on LiveJournal, though we'll certainly mention it here when the next one rolls around!
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