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I spent the evening come up with Cam/John recs for various people, and then it occurred to me that I could spread out the workload with a new rec post! Plus it's been a while since we last had one of these, and a lot of new fic has come out in that time, including the most recent round of the Thing-a-Thon over at [ profile] sg_flyboys.

This is pretty informal - if you're looking for something (say, NC-17 or first times or John's POV), leave a comment on this post describing what you want, and maybe someone will will come along and rec something. If you see a request and have a rec, share it! Even if someone else has gotten there first. The more recs, the merrier. (Hopefully people will keep checking back here for a few days so that everyone's requests get fulfilled.)

I'll start us off with a couple of threads:

Favourite fics posted in the past year
All-time favourites

Also, for the record, everyone is welcome to post a Cam/John fic search in this community anytime.
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This is a general rec post for John/Cam fic, art, and vids. With over 250 stories and three Thing-a-Thons, sometimes the really great pieces get buried. This is the place to highlight them.

You can either leave recs in the comments, or comment with a link to a rec list posted elsewhere. You can leave as many recs in a comment as you like, and leave as many comments as you want to. This post will remain open indefinitely, so feel free to come back to it anytime you come across something else you'd like to rec.

There are only three rules:

1. All recs must focus on John/Cam or John & Cam.
2. Fic recs must include the title (if there is one), author, and a working link.
3. Art and vid recs should link back to the original post. Please don't repost or hotlink someone else's work.

You're welcome to include other information as well, like length, and rating, and whether it's slash or gen, and other pairings, and a summary, and why you think people should read/watch/look at it. But that's all up to you.

To get things started, here's a link to the John/Cam stories that have shown up on [ profile] stargateficrec.

Have fun!


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