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I am trying to polish up a very late gift for a friend and I'm stuck on an Stargate Atlantis thing. (The problem isn't directly 'shipper or even Sheppard-related, but I promise the fic sort of is.)
The question: Is there a basic naming system for 'Gate teams on Atlantis? The SGC has it simple; SG-(#), but I've asked two friends, as well as gone over every potentialy relivent page on both gateworld.net and the SG Wikia site, and I still don't have an answer. And if there isn't a naming system in canon, is there a generally accepted on in the fandom?

(Sorry that this is my first post to the comm, but I don't have anywhere else to go. I can, however, promise that a very silly fic will follow.)
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OK, I've spent a better part of the morning distracting myself re-reading John/Cam fics and hunting up some recs that fit the current theme... I really need to get to work. ;)

I'm hoping this sort of thing is kosher to post and that folks here can help me out.
I recall reading a fic about John/Cam knowing each other before the stargate program in flight school or the academy, I don't recall which. It had a funny incident with a hotel shower curtain rod. I've looked through our mod's fantastic master list on LJ and can't seem to find it, although I'm sure it's there. I think there were a few that were almost like a series, but I could have everything all muddled.

I ask because a) it's stuck with me for so long as being a good tale and I'm sad that I can't find it b) I'd like to rec it in the current "firsts" themes and c) I have some vague notions of working on a John/Cam vid and am looking for inspiration.

Mostly, I'd just like to read it again. ;) Anyone able to help a fangirl out?


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