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There's only one new prompt from [ profile] comment_fic this week:

SGA/SG1, John/Cam, punishment
(Theme: dark kinks)

There are also a couple of other things going on.

First, [personal profile] oxoniensis is currently collecting prompts for Porn Battle VIII, scheduled to begin Sunday. There's usually no shortage of John/Cam prompts, but if you're interested, you could go leave a few. Prompt collection ends Friday around 7pm UK time, and the battle runs from Sunday until Monday, June 15th.

Second, there's a new prompt community, [ profile] one_prompt (One Prompt, Many Stories), the goal of which is to explore the many different directions a single prompt can be taken. It's primarily an SG-1 community, but Gateverse crossovers are allowed as long as SG-1 is the main focus. They're currently collecting prompts, and plan to post their first prompt on July 1st.

For additional prompts, take a look at last week's list.

In regards to my last post: so far there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in either fic rec lists or John/Cam remixes. If there isn't more interest by early next week, I'm going to shelve those ideas, so if you are interested, please go leave a comment. Alternately, if there's something you'd like to see the community do instead, please let me know. Otherwise, we'll just carry on with prompts and whatever stories the community comes up with.
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I've been considering a couple of possible activities, and before I go ahead with them, I'd like to see if there's any interest.

First, we're nearly at 200 stories in the John/Cam Fic List, which is fabulous, but perhaps a little overwhelming for someone new to the pairing. I thought perhaps collaborative development of themed rec lists might be helpful (not to mention giving all of us a chance to reread favourite stories, or discover great stories that we missed the first time around). The way this would work is that every couple of weeks, I'd post a theme (e.g., comment fic, angst, first times), and people could rec their favourite related stories in the comments (which, among other things, would allow people to rec anonymously).

Second, [personal profile] bluflamingo and I were talking about the possibility of doing a John/Cam remix exchange. This would follow the usual format for remixes: take someone else's story, alter it in some significant way that still leaves the plot and pairing intact, and post it to the community on the appropriate day. The precise details still need to be hammered out, but I'm thinking participants would need a minimum of three John/Cam stories of at least 750 words each, to give people reasonable choice in their remix.

I no longer have the ability to create polls, so responses have to go in the comments. (Please comment! I want to know what you think.)

What I'd like to know is:

Would you like to see themed recs?
Would you contribute recs?
Are there particular themes you'd like to see?
Are you interested in participating in a John/Cam remix exchange?
If so, when are you available to participate?

(Also, I finally updated the community layout to incorporate the winning header. Thank you again to [personal profile] collswan for creating it! And if anyone runs into problems with the new layout, please let me know.)
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I've now closed the tags and headers polls.

The community consensus on tags was that people would like to see author, genre, and rating tags, and don't seem to care that much about word count, so that's how we're going. I've set up genre and rating tags, which you're welcome to use to tag your posts. I'll add author tags as needed. If you have another genre tag that you'd like to see, please drop a comment here and I'll add it.

In terms of the headers, header #1 was the clear winner. I'll add it to the community layout just as soon as I have time to figure how to modify said layout. (If there's anyone out there who already knows how to do this and enjoys that kind of thing, feel free to volunteer!)

Some John/Cam prompts. )
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*peers around*

Hey guys! I figure, if I want to start promoting this community in my DW journal and over on LJ, then we should at least have some kind of introductory post.

I believe our lovely moderator, [personal profile] skieswideopen, is currently trapped in exam marking hell. When she's not busy with RL, however, she is awesome about tracking every single John/Cam fic written in fandom. If you don't have her friended, you can always Track her post: whenever she updates her post, she also comments, and that will trigger an email to you that there have been new links posted.

Now, to quote [personal profile] skieswideopen verbatim (because I'm lazy that way):
This is a community for all things John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, including fic, art, icons, recommendations, and discussion. All John/Cam posts are welcome; all non-John/Cam posts must be approved by a mod.

This is the Dreamwidth equivalent of [ profile] sg_flyboys on LiveJournal. [ profile] sg_flyboys originally began as the site of the John/Cam Thing-a-Thon, and we haven't figured out yet whether we're going to leave the Thing-a-Thon on LiveJournal or mirror it here. We'll post an announcement closer to the next round.

For additional John/Cam fic, check out the Big List.

To introduce myself, I'm [personal profile] scrollgirl and thankfully for your sakes I am NOT your moderator. *g* I came to Stargate SG-1 through Jack/Daniel fanfic (circa Season 7), but quickly fell in love with the show itself (syndication, yay!) and then later, Stargate Atlantis (from Season 1).

While I'm primarily a slasher, I also enjoy het and gen. I read a LOT of fanfic. Sometimes I also try writing my own. XP No, seriously, I think half the reason I love John/Cam so much is because rare pairings provide a different sensibility for writing than behemoths like Sheppard/McKay. There's less canon with John/Cam, for one thing, which also means fewer ways to get the guys together in a believable manner! (Or so I find.) But there's also more freedom in writing something new, a pairing that hasn't been written a hundred times already.

It doesn't hurt that John and Cam are both fascinating characters with more and more layers waiting to be peeled back.

Anyway, I hope to contribute more to fandom, and to the John/Cam 'shipper community in particular, whether that's fic or art or icons. Or memes. I'm really good at memes. *nods*

So welcome to [community profile] sg_flyboys! Please introduce yourselves in the comments!


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