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I've been remiss in posting here, but I thought I'd try to make up for it today.

First and most exciting, stories are starting to go up at [ profile] sg_flyboys! Check 'em out.

Second, if you're looking for John/Cam things to do, here are a few ideas:

[community profile] stargate_summer | [ profile] stargate_summer - Sign-ups are open at the annual SG-1 Big Bang challenge (minimum 20 000 words). Writer sign-ups run until March 31st, which is the same day the rough drafts are due. So if you don't like pressure, you can write the whole thing and then sign up. Artist, etc. sign-ups begin on March 15th and run until April 11th. Stargate crossovers are fine as long as the focus is on SG-1 characters.

[community profile] sgareversebang | [ profile] sgareversebang - A Big Bang in which the art comes first! Artist sign-ups are open until January 31st; writer sign-ups close February 29th. The minimum word count 10 000 words; more info here.

If you're looking for a more flexible Big Bang, [ profile] timetraveler_bb is a multi-fandom Big Bang focusing on travel through time and/or space (i.e., the perfect set-up for all sorts of Stargate stories!). Minimum word count is 10 000 words.

[community profile] cm_tropefic | [ profile] cm_tropefic is currently running a poll on whether to extend the challenge to include Vala, or just stick to Cam. Okay, the Vala side isn't really very John/Cam, so mostly this is a reminder that sign-ups will probably open soon, and who doesn't want to write John/Cam wing!fic?

Finally, check out the Canadian Shack 10th Anniversary Party! Anyone want to write five hundred or so words of John and Cam in a Canadian shack?
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