Jun. 1st, 2011

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[personal profile] somehowunbroken and I are putting together a page on John/Cam for [livejournal.com profile] sga_guide, and we'd love to get feedback from other John/Cam fans to make sure we're fairly representing this section of fandom.

The purpose of this page is to provide a starting point for people who are interested in John/Cam. We're aiming to provide a bit of context, some info on what this section of fandom looks like, places to go look for other John/Cam fannish material, and a sampling of fannish works (fic, art, vids, etc.).

What we're looking for from you is any comments you might have, especially any major tropes we missed that frequently show up in John/Cam works, suggestions for other fannish works that you consider touchstones for the pairing, and anything else you think we're missing...or that you don't think should be included on the page. (We're trying to keep the total number of fannish works to twenty-five or fewer, so if you're going to suggest a few, it would also be helpful if you indicated which ones you thought should be taken down to make room. The things we were looking for in deciding what to include are touchstone works, stories that highlight common John/Cam tropes, stories everyone seems to have read and loved, and so on.)

Comments are unscreened, but feel free to PM or email me with feedback if you want to. Crossposted to the sg_flyboys community on LJ.

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